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Smaple License is a Smart & Simple way to make your Software as Copy Protected. This will generate License Keys for your Software based on the individual Machine. The License Keys can be generated along with a Validity date - This enables creation of the Demo version of your Software easy and simple. Also Smaple License Key carries License Options which will be helpful to Enable/Disable the Advanced features of your Software using the License Key. Some of the Salient Features are as follows 1. Copy Protection - The License Key will be valid only for one machine 2. Validity Period setup in the License Key 3. Multiple Edition License can be generated - without changing your Software Executable 4. License Key is secured as it incorporates TripleDES Algorithm using two keys - Public & Private Key - As the Private Key is selected by you the License Key is very much secure and can't be broken. A Sample License Key generated by Smaple License is SoT1N9XDTEFAZSMrgAxbpKuOO4i0xCoD3WSZHdPWsjCntdBesbhYbg==

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